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Our storage unit legal auctions are held roughly twice per year, possibly more depending on the number of delinquent units. Since COVID-19, the way we do auctions has changed. All of our delinquent units are auctioned off online through rather than in-person. You can go to their website and make an account for free to look at different available auction units across the country. To be able to bid, you must have a valid credit card on file with them.

How the process works:

Each Auction unit will have a listed date and time when the Auction goes live and when bidding ends. You will be able to view the unit from pictures taken from outside the unit and a description of what the possible contents of the unit are. 

Once the auction goes live on Storage Treasures, the minimum bid begins at $10. When you place a bid, you are bidding on the entire unit contents and will be responsible for removing ALL of the items from that particular unit.

If you were the highest bidder, Storage treasures will charge your credit card on file for their buyer premium and purchase deposit fees. The buyer premium is a fee Storage Treasures charges for when you win an auction, for using their services. The buyer premium is 15% of the sales price. The purchase deposit is a prepayment that they collect from you for the storage facility/seller, and is deducted from the amount you pay to the storage facility/seller. This is NOT an additional fee. Depending upon the storage facility, the purchase deposit can be from 0% up to 10% of the sales price. 

You will Receive an email with an invoice that breaks down the charges and shows you the remaining amount still owed at pickup. When you arrive to clear out the unit, you will pay the amount of your bid plus the deposit. Winners have around 24-48 hours to clear out the unit. After the unit is cleared out and it is verified by facility staff to be completely empty, you will receive your deposit back.

Call the office for any additional questions you may have regarding the legal auction.